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Vervewalkers are coming!

The Verve is life’s stitches; it is the power to do and undo, keeping the balance between every living thing. It is the flame’s heat, the wind’s bite and the sea’s swell.

Few can feel the stitching; they can weave magics to augment or use a blight to unpick and unbalance; these are the Vervewalkers, found among all races and temperaments. The righteous and erudite - sometimes feckless - practise at quoriums, facilities such as schools, courts or stone circles, to counter the Blightwalkers, or the rogue magics that find form in the ungodly and the magically insatiable criminal gangs.

Each quorium’s jurisdiction is at the mercy of a few lone, roving Vervewalkers who are employed to maintain the equilibrium, but in a world corrupted and gilded by the Verve, which type of Vervewalker will you be? Will you be a teacher, student or judge delivering a quorium’s will, or a Blightwalker remaking the world as you see fit? Only you know your own soul, yet remember: the Verve is life and the Verve is death.

Vervewalkers is not just a single entity. It's a cross format quad-dimentional universe with a wealth of possibilities. Who amongst you will help us shape this vibrant land?

Oh yeah, and we're relaunching the website soon.


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