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What's going on?

Kindred Geeks,

MajorWood Studios has been abluster with activity over the past few months. As you're aware, we are busy developing a Kickstarter campaign for our first of, hopefully, many tabletop games and, as such, are peddling our minions pretty hard. That is not to say we aren't concocting new ways to savage our free time. Hence, we are working on a few projects that will form a few competitions/giveaways that we have planned over the next few months. One of these will be a novella set in the fantasy world of Atala, following the adventure of an axe wielding warrior and her fungi friend who try to prevent humanity's greatest secret from falling into the wrong hands. It's full of all the good stuff - blood, magic, booze and monsters.

Oh, and if you're so inclined, please become a member, follower etc on the website and socials. That's the best way to find out about about MWS developments.

He's in the novella too...


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