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Corporate films

We have had the pleasure of working with other companies to create

some awesome videos, below is a selection for your viewing pleasure.

If you would like to work with us on a project please get in touch via any of

the contact routes at the bottom of this page.

Diggit Promo Video

Diggit is an app company that has developed software specifically for archeologists - so naturally we had to make a parady of the temple run scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. We used a combination of visual and practical effects as well as some digital set extentions to achieve the temple aesthetic. Kevin (our Indy) has been a life long fan of the Indiana Jones franchise and he told us on numerous occations that being a part of this video was a dream come true, even if he did have to sacrifice the fedora for a hard hat - in the end, he should have just used Diggit. 

Leeds Trinity Covid Guidance Video

During the pandemic, when educational facilities were getting ready to welcome students back into the classroom, we made a video for Leeds Trinity University. It's goal was to inform returning students what measures had been put in place to keep them safe on campus.

ETTO Launch Party Video

ETTO is a unique place. There's a clothes store upstairs that sells original, hand-made, clothes. Then downstairs there's a hair and beauty salon that caters for both men and women along with a tattoo studio. On their opening night the owners threw a launch party to drum up interest and we filmed it. 

Loxley Nurseries Website Video 

Loxley Nurseries garden centre is situated in Sheffield. It boasts an impressive array of flora as well as its own cafe and tool station. We were lucky enough to be offered the oportunity to create the main video for the home page of their website.

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