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         Supremacy: Arms Race            

Supremacy: Arms Race is a space wars boardgame in a book!

It's 2930 and humanity has found a new home planet, thrown from Earth by a sentient machine system some years ago. However, it wasn’t the only species to flee into space – lycans were the first to run, finding refuge on a distant planet.


Now, after centuries of silence, the lycans are resurgent. The machine intelligence on Earth has also been developing advanced weaponry to derail humanity’s hopes of a new beginning.


Are you going to be humanity’s hope or downfall?


Supremacy: Arms Race is a diceless fleet battle game that pits humans against werewolves and a rogue AI in a battle for supremacy amongst the stars. The game uses an Action Point system where, depending on which faction and which commander you choose, you'll be allotted a certain number of AP. You must use this AP to either upgrade your ships or attack the enemy. You may also choose to split the AP and do a bit of both during your turn.

This is a game of stratergy that includes everything you need to play inside one book, from cutout ship standies to command sheets and tokens, it really is a board game in a book.

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