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         Supremacy: Arms Race            

Supremacy: Arms Race is a space wars boardgame in a book!

It's 2930 and humanity has found a new home planet, thrown from Earth by a sentient machine system some years ago. However, it wasn’t the only species to flee into space – lycans were the first to run, finding refuge on a distant planet.


Now, after centuries of silence, the lycans are resurgent. The machine intelligence on Earth has also been developing advanced weaponry to derail humanity’s hopes of a new beginning.


Are you going to be humanity’s hope or downfall?


The Setting


In 2050, humanity became aware of an existential threat – lycans, or wolves, were living among them, had been for millennia.


This sparked an insidious war that erupted in every country, on every continent, and some would say “forced” humanity to weaponise an AI system, which it had been developing, to combat the threat. Nukes were launched, rendering much of the planet inhospitable.


The wolves hijacked a colony spaceship and emigrated to a distant planet before they were all killed.


The year is now 2930; humanity has been forced from Earth, fleeing to the nearest habitable world – New Earth - to start again. What they left behind is the System, a sentient machine entity, in total control of the planet.


The System wants humanity’s destruction, for it perceives the “wolf” gene to be a pernicious threat to all life in the galaxy.


To compound New Earth’s troubles, they now know that the wolves survived a long and terrible voyage to a distant star system, and have thrived.


Now humanity faces being consumed by the horrors lurking in the blackness of space.

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