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Vervewalkers:Spoils of War Development

Hey Kindred Geeks,

Over the past few months we've been working hard on making the game as polished as possible before the Kickstarter launches in September.

On the Forum, we've been sharing posts that give an insight into the unique species and places of Atala, the fantastical world in which the TTRPG is set. These species will be playable in the game.

On our facebook and instagram pages, we've been sharing more details about the game, including some of the miniatures we've develped (please like and follow our pages to keep up to date).

The rulebook has been finished (after a lot of testing and reworking and rewriting) and we're satisfied that it will not only provide an enjoyable skirmish game, but scratch the RPG itch in a number of new and interesting ways.

Our illustrator Mariia is busy working on the images for the cards that we are going to use in-game to generate quests, and our modeller is working on a grorc model, which we can't way to see.

It's all steam ahead as we prepare for September. It would be awesome if you could share news of our game with your friends and families - and watch out for more competitions!

Keep gaming!

Ben, MWS


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