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Support, inspire and be rewarded

  • Companion Plan*

    Every month
    Support us while accessing unique content
    • - Join the Quorium, a collaborative space/forum
    • - Unlock behind the scenes/making of content
    • - Access our new films and series free before distribution
    • - Receive a welcome pack full of MWS merchandise
    • - Be invited to a monthly live stream with Ryan and others

    Advocate Plan**

    Every year
    Aspirant, only stronger
    • - Receive everything in the aspirant plan at a 20% discount
    • - With this plan you're paying for a year upfront
  • Aspirant Plan*

    Every month
    Everything in the Companion Plan and more!
    • - You will receive all the perks of the Companion Plan
    • - Help make decisions when new projects are developed
    • - Receive a free gift every month*^

*These plans will automatically charge you each month until cancelled. ** The Advocate plan will automatically charge you each year until cancelled. *^The monthly free gift can be any MWS content ranging from a digital short story to an .STL file of one of our miniatures.

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