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Vervewalkers: Spoils of War

Vervewalkers: Spoils of War is a hero quest game, in which each player completes quests to progress and, ultimately, win the game. As they gain reputation and companions, they will unlock new chapters, granting access to new spells, warriors and tactics. It isn't a skirmish game, although you will still be able to indirectly attack your opponents by taking control of enemy creatures during quests and through "sabotage" actions. This makes the game an innovative RPG by combining the best parts of an RPG and losing the same old mechanics from stereotypical skirmish games. 










Key features and benefits

A tabletop RPG with a difference:

  • A living, breathing world supported by continued investment (e.g., novels, expansions, etc.), promoting worldbuilding and longevity

  • A simple-to-play core game, supported by “bolt-on” mechanics to increase the challenge and re-playability

  • Unique gameplay, including: 1), Chapters - as you gain more warriors, your power increases and so does the chapter you're in, giving you access to better companions and spells; 2), Fellowship – create a band of adventurers from several different species, meaning there are limitless opportunities to customise your party to your play style; 3), Ambush – A tactical decision to take the spoils of war for yourself – are they worth the risk of hitting the enemy head on?

  • Community participation through the MajorWood Studios’ website

The Verve is life’s stitches; it is the power to do and undo, keeping the balance between every living thing. It is the flame’s heat, the wind’s bite and the sea’s swell.


Few can feel the stitching; they can weave magics to augment or use a blight to unpick and unbalance; these are the walkers, found among all species and temperaments. The righteous and erudite - sometimes feckless - practise at quoriums, facilities such as schools, courts or stone circles, to counter the Blightwalkers, or the rogue magics that find form in the ungodly and the magically insatiable criminal gangs.


Below are a few examples of the models we are developing for the game:








Become the hero of Atala, that is your goal - vanquish the evil that has been plaguing these lands. First, you must make camp, which is represented by a campfire token. It is from your camp that you can recruit warriors, write spells and accept quests. Second, complete quests assigned from your "quorium" - a seat of magical power in each kingdom. With each success, you will be rewarded with the spoils of wars - companion points, reputation and/or money. Third, use these spoils to recruit better warriors and write new spells, and progress to the ultimate goal of completing the hero quest. 

Chapters - As you earn companion points, you will progress through chapters, each of which will grant bonuses - access to better spells, companions and sabotage actions. This will give you the freedom to be versatile with your character and companions, meaning you can change your tactics and strategy as you upgrade your team.

Sabotage actions - These will give you different ways of interfering with your enemies' plans and give you an advantage in the race to become the hero of Atala, whether by sending mercenaries to ransack their camp or laying traps to hinder their movement. 


Hero quest - Each player will have a different "end goal", which they will reach by accruing reputation. Each hero quest will be split into two parts, and opposing players will have the chance to ambush the player trying to complete the quest to stop them. Therefore, it is a tactical decision about which spoils to focus on accruing.

"Keep your enemies closer" mechanic - When an opposing player engages an enemy, you will take control of those enemy units to try to stymie your opponent - this means no one is waiting around and everyone is involved in the most important aspects of gameplay. 

Our goal is to make Vervewalkers: Spoils of War as accessible, immersive and creative as possible - giving you the freedom to play the way you want to.





We are currently working on a Kickstarter campaign for Vervewalkers: Spoils of War and will update this page soon with more info. Please become a member of our website to receive updates on our Kickstarter campaign.







A lithe and swift - but delicate - tytalban warrior.

A destelt stronghold in the Pillars mountain range.

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