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#1323 - BTS

Is anything ever late, if it is delivered eventually? This behind-the-scenes blog of #1323 is behind schedule, however it is important that due process is followed, and I know that you'll be itching to view it , digest it - admire it...

#1323 is a concept piece in the straightjacket of drama, which isn't a bad thing, because to have limitations means that you (hopefully) find new ways of creating. And, of course, here at MajorWood Studios we love a challenge (imposed or self-imposed).

In the shot above you'll see Sisyphus doing his thing and, as ever, he presents the ubiquitous metaphor for most human endeavours. However, in #1323, he represents the internal struggles of the mind, the kind unwittingly forged by love, which, if left untamed, become a taint that rusts a person's mental frame, and their perspective of time.

Time is important, and not just to paraphrase the day. A person's sense of time is limited to their routine, which has been forged around it; it is only when an individual's time is distilled through another's eyes does their truth transpire. This is at the essence of #1323: what does the audience endure from the protagonist's plight? Empathy? Incredulity? Condescension? How we view others is rarely sympathetic because time is woven subjectively.

Two burgundy men: director Ryan Greenwood and actor Peter McMillan, chewing the meaning out of the script. Memory is a feedback loop with certain triggers: regret, hope, love, loss, which we wear or discard, adopt or disown. There are many ways an individual can grow, but many more ways that they can be judged.

Isn't it human to try to carve their world into one's image, rather than accept it for what it is?

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