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Wolf transformation - behind the scenes

This is close to Langsett Reservoir in the Peak District, the bucolic location where we chose to film the very first piece of titillation (the wolf transformation) for our upcoming web series Supremacy. As you can see, Ryan is extremely picky about his locations.

Eddie very kindly volunteered to become our first wolf (or demon as they are known in the past timeline). He is a purple belt in ju-jitsu and proved to be an effective test subject. You can also see the authentic shorts that Ryan crafted for the piece.

Next up was Natacha, who agreed to play the victim to inject a dose of jeopardy into the scene. Usually she is found working towards her PhD, but luckily for us she is also a great actress and didn't mind getting torn to pieces by the scrub.

Here's Ryan hard at work.

And here he is ensuring the lighting in the woods is adequate for the shot.

And here he is wondering how the hell he is going to get down.

It proved to be an enjoyable and productive day, and we met some great new people too. Altogether we were filming for two and a half hours, which should make a 30 second transformation scene. Ryan is busy working on the edits and we are hoping to get it online within the next week.

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