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The Hive - concepts

In the future of the Supremacy universe, the Hive is the name given to the megalopolis of New Earth, which houses city upon city, creating a veritable heaven and hell and all the levels in between. Sophie Marshall has drawn some concept art for the Hive, which you may have already seen on the site, but I'm going to share it here in all its glory. Enjoy.

Concept 1

Billions of people live in the Hive due to the hostile environment of humankind's home planet, New Earth, to which they fled when the System overran old Earth, something you can learn more about in the short story 'Made in war', which will become available to read in the near future.

Concept 2

Another short story, 'The hive', also takes place within the megalopolis's depths, an extract from which can be found in the 'future codex'.

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