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Introduction to Supremacy

Supremacy is a 10-part web series that is in pre-production; we're taking our time with it, even though we are eager to get filming - with both of us having full-time jobs, time is in short supply.

Supremacy is set over three timelines: past (128), present and future (2942). Each timeline has its own story: Past - Jason, a Black Legion soldier faces a mystery as he hunts a wily wolf; Present - Leigh, a scientist, is coerced into helping a devious businessman; Future - the crew of the Iron Dancer become embroiled in an enemy's fight. Does the past inform the future? Or is the future indebted to the present?

Ryan came up with the original premise and told me his vision for the series, and then he invited me to write the scripts, which I was happy to do. I've been writing novels and short stories for a long time, but had relatively little experience writing scripts, so it was a challenge. As with any writing, it's the story that has to carry the piece, no matter the medium, and, of course, there are many differences between a novel and a screenplay, but I was trying to achieve the same goal: make a badass story.

The scripts are undergoing their final edit and I will go into more detail about the writing process at a later date. This year Ryan has concentrated on creating the CGI parts of the series while I have been writing short films and also short stories that are related to the Supremacy universe. The first teaser for the series has been shot (the wolf transformation scene) and we should have that with you soon. In the meantime we are going to make some short films and I will keep you updated as we make progress with them.

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