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​It is time to begin. The pressure of decades has amassed and we find no other way forward but to regurgitate our creativity into something substantive: a birthing of sorts. This is not resolute; there is no mission statement, we simply have a desire to create, build and rebuild life, to find a way to express the journey of living in new and, hopefully, exciting ways. We would love others to share this experience with us, to build a community that longs for the flood of gratification that only creating affords. We are writing, directing, manipulating - but more on that later, at the moment we are just saying 'Hello, we hope you will enjoy our work'. There is a schedule and we will be delivering new content every week. 'We' are MajorWood, an independent film studio intent on creating content that will make your life affirmed, or at least make you feel something, even if it's distaste...although we'd prefer it if you liked our work. We hope to open a dialogue with people to inspire and be inspired. We hope to make your time worthwhile.

We are on Twitter: @majorwoodstudio

We are on Instagram: @brmwrites @ry_gwood


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