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We are launching a Kickstarter for our tabletop RPG Vervewalkers: Spoils of War this year. We intend to support this with novellas, comics, short films and web series. This game is different to other similar tabletop RPGs - it's a lush, living world, in which you won't be stuck with just human characters, there are many other species to choose from which gives the game more depth and intrigue. To find out more, click here.

We are striving to bring immersive stories to fruition while creating a collaborative space where our members will have the opportunity to decide the fates of characters as well as the destinies of countless civilizations.


To become a member and harness this awesome power, navigate over to the forum tab to take part in discussions as well as receive exclusive updates - or if you'd like to investigate some of the other projects we're working on, feel free to delve into the other tabs.


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We're a Yorkshire-based, independent multimedia studio, established by film maker Ryan Greenwood and author Ben Major, founded on the premise of creating a multiplatform sci-fi/fantasy company that produces content with drama and heart at its core.